is a free service provided to the Kriebel Family.

     What is provided?


     Well you can have an e-mail address in your own name forwarded to any regular e-mail address.  For example the can be forwarded to  What does this do for you?  Well instead of having some unknown, tough to remember, advertisement for some company e-mail address, you now can have your name as your e-mail address!


     As with the e-mail, you can also have your own personalized web address.  Instead of having something like which some internet providers give you you can now have which is a lot easier to remember, and more importantly for your friends to remember.
     What is NOT provided? is just an address forwarding service.  What that means is that you already have to have an e-mail address and/or web address somewhere that is providing you a mailbox and/or web space.  will just provide an easy to remember name.  
     Added benifit
     One great benifit of telling your friends the address is that if you change Internet provider, or your Internet provider changes names, you don't have to go try and tell everyone what your new address is.  All you need to do is to correct where your account is forwarding to and everyone is none the wiser that anything changed!
    How do you get signed up?
    EASY!  Just send me an e-mail!  Contact me at .  Please be sure to send your name (for example James Kriebel), what address you would like (if any other than your first name, example webgeek), what email address you want your name forwarded to (example, and what web address you would like your web name forwarded to if you have one (example